KEy Awards 2012

KEy Awards 2012 is so amazing, spectacular, great, wonderful, and colorful! Yes, it fits with our theme for KEy Awards this year: Colorful is beautiful.

KEy Smart Traveling 2012

Our first 'Bridge to The World' is Singapore!

KEy in Borneo Tribune

a piece of writing from a friend from Germany in Pontianak newspaper.

KEy in Aloe Vera Center

visiting one of Pontianak tourism spot, Aloe Vera Center.

KEy Visit Kalbar 2012

KEY VISIT KALBAR 2012 program this time, we re-visited Temajo Island which related to its history it has 7 hills.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Let's Emerge the Joy of Giving this Ramadhan!

Dear ‪#‎KEyFellas‬ ,
On behalf of Khatulistiwa English Community , we'd like to say thanks a million to all families, friends, acquaintances, institutions, companies, communities and individuals who supported and donated in our charity event the "Miracle of Ramadhan 2015".

We do hope that all of your good deeds and intentions will be approved by His blessings in return.
Best Wishes to all of us and let's emerge the joy of giving with us!

Special Thanks to : INDOFOOD CBP Noodle Division & Sahabat Pulau for their enormous supports in our charity event the "Miracle of Ramadhan 2015" .

Warm Regards,

The donation from the philanthropists for MoR 2015.  Packing for the school parcels is running.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bring the Joy of Giving with Khatulistiwa English Community in the MIRACLE Of RAMADHAN

Dear ‪#‎KEyFellas‬ ,

Yuk mari berbagi sambil beramal. Let's emerge the joy of giving with Khatulistiwa English Community . Believe in the miracle of giving, coz it may take you to eternal happiness.

Deadline pengumpulan sedekah : 3 Juli 2015.
Bagi teman-teman yang ingin bersedekah baik berupa uang maupun barang, silakan menghubungi CPs kami sebagaimana tertera di cover fans page kami untuk mengetahui info lebih lanjut mengenai Miracle of Ramadhan 2015 ini. Adapun donasi/sedekah ini akan kami distribusikan dalam bentuk Paket Hari Raya dan Paket Belajar untuk daerah Pontianak dan sekitarnya. 

Terima kasih kepada para dermawan yang sudah mendonasikan sedikit hartanya bagi sesama yang membutuhkan. Semoga harta yang di sedekahkan menjadi manfaat bagi orang lain yang lebih membutuhkannya.


Warm Regards,

Keterangan foto : Miracle of Ramadhan 2013 dan 2014. Dari Packing paket hingga pendistribusian Paket.



Dear ‪#‎KEyFellas‬ ,

In this Holy Month, Khatulistiwa English Community (KEy) will hold back our annual charity project which is carried out every Ramadhan, the "Miracle Of Ramadhan 2015" charity event.
This gives Eid Package to the needy and School Package to the orphans and unfortunate children.
Eid Packages will be given in the form of package that includes Sarong, staple food, and packaged zwieback.

In additional, the School Packages will include school supplies, pictorial English dictionary, English Drawing Book and a bag.

The targets for this action are the needy or the unfortunates in Pontianak and surrounding areas.

This activity will be held at our Basecamp : Jl. HRA Rahman Gg. Gunung Gede No. 57.

The deadline for collecting the donation is JULY 3rd, 2015.

For those who are willing to be the donors or philanthropists of this event, you are very welcomed to contact us. We accept any donation in the form of fresh money or goods.

On behalf of Khatulistiwa English Community, We'd like to express our deep gratitude for those who gave the donations so far until today. May Allah bless you all in return.

Happy Fasting!

Warm Regards,

Monday, February 23, 2015

Introducing the new members of KEyFamily 2015 (PART 1)

 Well, this is our first member, his name is Dwi Purwanto, but you can call him Dwi, now he studies English at Tanjungpura University Pontianak. Beside being a university student, he spends his time by making some cover songs (well, he must have a good voice), sketching and reading books. He is interested in English because he thinks English can open his paths to the global interaction, allow him to get a lot of informations, make some friends with people from other countries, English can also provide him many opportunities such as : to get scholarships in abroad and to start a carrier abroad, and he thinks speaking English can boost his confident and esteem. He told us how he felt when he's selected as a KEy member, as he said : "I was so excited and energized to work and mingle with other members".

Motto : Vincit qui se vincit (He conquers who conquers himself)

And the last, please say hello to Dwi, helloooo Dwi!!!

Dwi Purwanto

 And the next is Irvan Maulana, most of his friends call him Ivan. This lively man is particularly fond of travelling, he has been to some countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Singapure and so on. And we will tell you his secret, he told us that he is really sexy when he speaks English, wowwww! and he also thinks English can really help him to communicate with other people when he goes travelling, that's why he is interested in English. "It was unbelievable and I couldn't stop smiling when I knew I was selected as a KEy member", that's what he said about his feeling when he was selected.

Motto : Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

And, say hello to Irvan, hellllo Irvan!!!

Irvan Maulana

His name Izhar, you can call him Iis or m2, now he studies Management at Tanjungpura University, he is also a leader in Mosey Group. He is keen on reading, music, travelling and watching movie. He is interested in English because English can help him to extend his network and he wants to study abroad which English is one of important aspects. He also can speak Arabic, he should teach us how to speak Arabic someday

Motto : Do it or never

And please say hello to Izhar, hello Izhar

 After we introduced you some new members who are boys, now we are introducing you to the girl member, this cute girl names Julian Alsen, but you can call her Aying like her family and her friends do. She studies Communication Sciences at Tanjungpura University. She is crazy about writing, she always posts her writing in her blog. Beside writing, she also likes drawing, swimming, and reading comics. She is interested in English since she was in Elementary School. When she was in the second grade, she had an English lesson and she got bad mark in English which was 20. She was really shocked and so was her mother, and then her father bought her a small dictionary in order to make she got a good mark in English next time, but she did not like the dictionary which did not have any pictures, it was so boring for her to open that dictionary. So,she decided to go to school library to find English books which had many pictures, and she found that! So she spent her whole time to read those English books in the library. What a nice story!

"I was so excited when I was informed I was selected as a new member, this is my first community, I really hope I will get many experiences and learn how to know each other, share knowledge, and make some friends, KEy members are cool and amazing!", As She said what she felt when she was selected.

Motto : With God I can face anything.

And now, say hello to Aying, hello Ayingggg

Julian Alsen

 Well #KEyFellas what do you think about our new members? Aren't they great?
Don't worry, we still have 8 great new members who have not been introduced yet, so just stay tune on our blog! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Announcement of Selected Participants for KEy Members 2015

Happy sunday for everyone and KEy Family!
How is everything?
In this nice weekend, we will proudly announce the most anticipated news which is the result of our premiere open recruitment for new KEy Members 2015. For your information, we had our premiere open recruitment on 31st January 2015 for the first time. We never expect that there were many applicants who sent their application forms to join Khatulistiwa English Community, after a series of tough and competitive selection we finally come to the final decision and pick the names who will officially become our family. To be honest, it was really hard for us to decide who would be the best candidates among the greatest, because all applicants are really outstanding. So, we would like to congratulate to these names :

1. Dwi Purwanto
2. Irvan Maulana
3. Izhar
4. Julian Alsen
5. Khairi Masyitha
6. Maya Andzela
7. Nur Isna Anugrah
8. Puspa Shindy Priscilia
9. Risya hartati
10. Silvy Heriyanti
11. Teguh Aji Suryanto
12. Yeran Hasna Dinastia

Welcome to Khatulistiwa English Community!

For those who have not been selected, we would like to say thank you very much for your efforts and your sacrifice during the selection, keep trying and do not give up! We will be waiting for you in the next selection 2016.
Hugs and Love